Keith Hill from K-Hill BBQ Company & Sameer Siddiqui from Rickshaw Stop spear-headed the San Antonio Food Truck Association by creating a non-profit 501(c) in 2012 with the hopes of organizing and unifying local food truck, trailer and cart vendors into a single, united community. The goal of our association is to bring professionalism and credibility to the mobile food industry in San Antonio. With the help of Jon Lindskog (Cheesy Jane’s), Joseph Jackson (Lagniappe Today) and Neil Hajji (Wheelie Gourmet) membership by-laws have been written, including a code of conduct & ethics and SAFTA is now accepting membership applications. As with any other trade association, we will offer a full array of services and benefits to our members.

The food truck concept is by no means new, but gourmet food trucks have taken San Antonio and the country by storm with TV shows like “Eat St” and “The Great Food Truck Race.” Media coverage is growing day by day and will continue to be a permanent fixture in contemporary city life. But these trucks don’t just feed the masses; they are also an important part of the history and fabric of San Antonio. Their main benefits include:

  • Stimulating culinary innovation
  • Providing jobs in our community
  • Contributing revenue back to the city
  • Revitalizing and energizing the streets of San Antonio

Support your local community and patronize a food truck today!

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